Trader Joe’s Watermelon Spread Reviews

Watermelon Spread: 6.5/10

With watermelon products, it’s always hit or miss whether or not they will taste like fresh #watermelon or watermelon candy. This spread was extremely sweet and leaned more towards the artificial side because of all the sugar added. It tasted almost identical to a watermelon jolly rancher and the texture was jello like. While I didn’t hate the flavor of it, I definitely didn’t love. Compared to other amazing #traderjoes jams, I found this one to be less versatile. If you love sweet watermelon flavor, you could use this spread with goat cheese, on a bagel with cream cheese, or on top of pancakes or other breakfast items. It would also be good shaken up in ice tea or lemonade. A little goes a long way! Each jar is $2.69.

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