Trader Joe’s Vanilla Hold the Cone Reviews

Vanilla Hold the Cone: 9/10

I have officially reviewed every flavor Hold the Cone! I typically do not gravitate toward vanilla ice cream as my first choice, but I was surprised to find that I loved these vanilla hold the cones just as much as the chocolate ones. Hold the Cone are one of the best #traderjoes creations with each cone being just 86 calories (and the whole box is 690 in case you were curious 😉). Each mini cone is filled with creamy and rich vanilla ice cream, covered in a layer of chocolate with a special surprise of chocolate in the bottom of the cone as well. Pure bliss! Each box is $2.99. Now for the moment of truth: my official ranking of all hold the cones. 1. Pumpkin ginger 2. Chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla (tied) 3. Peppermint.

What is your FAVORITE Hold the Cone flavor?