Trader Joe’sTotsones Fried Plantain Slices Reviews

Totsones Fried Plantain Slices: 7.5/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 These brand new Tostones are thick cut, circular plantain slices and the only two ingredients are plantain and palm olein (I would’ve preferred a different oil). They are fried already so they hold their shape well and can be used to pile Cuban black beans and meat on top. I tried them in the air fryer and the oven and could not tell the difference. Both ways were great! These Tostones taste EXACTLY like the #traderjoes plantain chips, but do not have any salt or seasonings on them and are softer. They are very plain tasting and are a 7.5 on their own for me, but after adding garlic mojo sauce, toppings, and seasonings, I loved these plantain slices even more! Each bag of Tostones is $2.29 and I found them in the frozen section by the tamales.

Have you tried Tostones before? What did you think?