Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Kettle Chips Reviews

Thanksgiving Stuffing Kettle Chips: 9.5/10

I am so glad I got my hands on these Thanksgiving Stuffing Chips this year! They sold out way too quick last year at my store! These chips are amazing and really do taste like thanksgiving. The kettle chips are a great texture; not too hard but still have a nice crunch to them. The seasoning on the chips tasted exactly like the Everything but the Leftovers seasoning! It’s a mix of dried onions, celery seed, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, and turmeric. All the amazing spices that go on stuffing! These chips really do taste just like thanksgiving and are delicious. Each bag is $2.29.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think? (I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s)

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