Trader Joe’s Spicy Lentil Wrap Reviews

Spicy Lentil Wrap: 8/10

Finally! I am so happy to announce that I have found a wrap that I enjoyed! 😂 When I asked you all for your recommendation, this Spicy Lentil Wrap was one of the main suggestions that you all had and I really liked it – so thank you! It’s a lavash bread wrap which is an unleavened wrap made from different types of flour. I loved the texture of this thin flatbread like wrap! The filling was lentils, cabbage, red pepper paste, and bulgar wheat (a type of whole grain). I was a little skeptical, since again the filling looked like it was slightly mushy, but it turned out to have a great flavor and the side of the the spicy tahini sauce was amazing. I would say this is a medium spice level and you can add more or less sauce to control the spice. I would definitely buy this again and would be excited to have it for a quick and delicious lunch. It’s $4.69 for this wrap.

Have you tried it yet? Do you have any other favorite wraps that I should try?

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