Trader Joe’s Southern Peach Crisp Ice Cream Reviews

Southern Peach Crisp Ice Cream: 7/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 Growing up in Colorado, peaches always meant summer. If you’ve never had Palisade peaches, they are worth the trip out here! Best peaches I’ve ever had in my life. I had extremely high hopes for this new #traderjoes ice cream and was hoping it would taste like delicious peach cobbler. The ice cream base itself is plain sweet cream, which was creamy and good, but nothing special. The peach part comes into play in this ice cream as a very thin peach swirl running throughout the pint. Even when I got a bit of the peach swirl in my bite, I had to realllly concentrate to try to taste the peach flavor. Not what I would expect when picking up an ice cream with a name like Southern Peach Crisp! The crisp part of the ice cream were crunchy, buttery oat crisps that tasted like what you would find on top of an actual peach crisp. These bits were delicious, but there were hardly enough! I found like 4 in the whole pint 😅 While this ice cream was good, it was nothing mind blowing and didn’t live up to the peach ice cream I was hoping for. Each pint is $2.99.

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