Trader Joe’s Rose Fingerling Potato Chips Reviews

Rose Fingerling Potato Chips: 8/10

First off, I have to say that Trader Joe’s has one of the most unique selections of potato chips that I’ve seen. These rose fingerling potato chips are honestly one of the most beautiful chips I’ve ever seen with their unique pink swirls. If you’re looking for a slightly sweeter, less salty chip, this is the chip for you – the French grey guerande sea salt is lightly dusted in these chips and definitely provides a subtle flavor. Grey guerande sea salt has a complex flavor and more moisture than regular sea salt so you can use less. While these chips look unique, they taste almost identical to a regular salted kettle chip. Between the Peruvian potato chips, these chips and the russet, I think the dark russet are my favorite, then these, and then the Peruvian. These chips are kosher and gluten free. It’s $2.99 for the bag.

Have you tried these yet? What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s potato chip?

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  1. Dark Russet is my very favorite potato chip~~~~~EVER! Unfortunately we do not have a Trader Joe’s close enough to us to purchase them. We winter in Texas. And LOVE to shop there. We bring home many goodies with us. Shame we don’t have one of your AWESOME stores here in the Akron/ Canton, Ohio area. 😭😢


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