Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic & Pesto Pizza with Deep Fried Crust Reviews

Roasted Garlic & Pesto Pizza with Deep Fried Crust: 8/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 I was sold on this pizza as soon as I saw deep fried crust on the box, and wow oh wow, did this pizza live up to expectations! The dough is leavened for 3-4 days and it turns out doughy on the inside and crispy on the outside without being too crunchy or dry. The crust is chewy, slightly sweet, and honestly may have been my favorite part of the pizza! The pizza is topped with burrata, mozzarella, provolone, and parmigiana reggiano cheese, dollops of pesto, and roasted garlic. There was plenty of cheese, but I found myself wanting more dollops of pesto and garlic spread over the whole pizza. I would definitely buy this again and add sun dried tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and chicken on top, but it was a little on the pricier side for the size of the pizza at $5.99.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

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  1. Don’t eat this if you’re on a “diet” because you’ll back track and will be shaken to your core especially if you add some pepperoni, red pepper flakes and Italian seasoning. You’ve been warned lol.


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