Trader Joe’s Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer Reviews

Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer: 10/10

#ad I reached out to partner with @drinkreeds because their Extra Ginger Beer is my absolute FAVORITE ginger beer! After trying lots of different types, I always find myself going back to Reed’s. The Extra Ginger type at Trader Joe’s has amazing ginger flavor with a nice balance of sweetness to it from the pineapple juice and honey. I cannot say enough good things about this ginger beer! It is perfectly carbonated and has the right amount of bite of ginger without being overly spicy. Moscow mules are my favorite cocktails and I always have Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer stocked up throughout the year! It’s so nice to be able to make all our guests a delicious cocktail! Pick up a 4-pk at Trader Joe’s for $4.29.

Have you tried Reed’s Ginger Beer yet? What do you think?