Trader Joe’s Ranch Dressing Reviews.

Ranch Dressing: 1/10

Thankfully, there are verrry few #traderjoes items that I dislike. However, this ranch is one of them 😭 It is one of the worst ranch dressings I have ever had and one of the couple items I have to buy elsewhere (queso is another one I refuse to buy from TJ’s. If you know, you know 🥴) This ranch is so sour to the point where I had to check to make sure my new bottle wasn’t already expired. With there being so much vinegar in this ranch, I think that’s why it tastes so sour. The consistency is also slightly watery. I am a huge ranch lover and will dip anything in it like pizza, wings, and veggies, but unfortunately I cannot give this ranch a higher score. Each bottle is $2.79.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments what your least favorite item is 🤔

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