Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Reviews

Pumpkin Cream Cheese: 10/10

You guys this pumpkin cream cheese is perfect! I am a humongous bagel fan and there is nothing I love more than a pumpkin bagel with this pumpkin cream cheese in the fall time. This cream cheese is on the thicker side, while not being too dense. It has the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor (not too overwhelming), and hints of brown sugar and cinnamon as well. I cannot WAIT to share the amazing fall recipes I have in the works especially the ones using this pumpkin cream cheese. I’ve seen that some are incredibly watery and thin this season, but thankfully the one I chose was not! I stocked up on extra tubs to freeze to have throughout the next season! I noticed that this year’s containers were either perfect, or realllly runny. Anyone else have this issue? Each container is $1.99.

Have you tried this cream cheese yet? What did you think? (I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s)

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