Trader Joe’s PB&J Frooze Balls Reviews

PB&J Frooze Balls: 8.5/10

@froozeballsusa are brand new at Trader Joe’s and I am OBSESSED #ad This PB&J flavor is to die for! It’s an energy ball made out of amazing, clean ingredients such as dates, peanuts, and coconut and tastes like dessert. I could eat the peanut butter and jelly filling out of the inside with a spoon, it’s that good! #traderjoes now carries the PB&J flavor as well as the Choc Hazelnut flavor. These energy balls are such an amazing snack to pack in your work bag, for a hike, or a mid afternoon pick me up. Each bag comes with 5 energy balls and is $1.99.

What flavor do you like best? PB&J or Choc Hazelnut?

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  1. I was so disappointed in these! I shared the pack with 4 other people at work and it was a total miss for all of us. I was surprised to see you had such a different opinion, but now I see it’s an ad…


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