Trader Joe’s Paratha Reviews

Paratha: 7.5/10

This #paratha was a delicious type of #indian bread and was really fun to try. The difference between paratha and naan, is that #naan has yeast and is baked, and paratha has no yeast and is fried on a griddle. Paratha is thinner and more oily than its fluffy counterpart naan. I found that paratha had more of a doughy flavor and a less bready taste. It reminded me a little of scallion pancakes. I liked paratha a lot, but don’t think it will be as versatile in my kitchen as naan. It was hard to dip in sauces or hummus because of how thin it was. I’ll still continue to buy it every once in a while as it was still yummy! Each bag comes with 5 small parathas for $1.99.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?