Trader Joe’s Oat & Greek Yogurt Sandwich Cookies Reviews

Oat & Greek Yogurt Sandwich Cookies: 3...

Oat & Greek Yogurt Sandwich Cookies: 3/10

I had high hopes for these cookies as they reminded me of those oatmeal cream cookies I would eat growing up that I LOVED! After one bite, I can tell you these were nothing like what I expected. The cookie itself was not bad, just a little dry, brittle, and slightly sweet. However, the filling was what I did not enjoy at all. I’m a big fan of greek yogurt and eat it almost every day, but I found this yogurt filling to be way too sour and tangy and caught me off guard. I tried these cookies again a few times trying to reframe my thinking about the yogurt filling being healthier, but it was just too sour every time. It doesn’t help that the first ingredient in the yogurt creme is palm oil. I definitely will not be purchasing these again. It’s $2.99 for the box.

Have you tried it yet? What’s your favorite #traderjoes cookie?