Trader Joe’s Nantucket Style Cranberry Pie Reviews

Nantucket Style Cranberry Pie: 7.5/10

🥧SEASONAL ITEM🥧 This Nantucket Style Cranberry pie is loaded with tart cranberries on top and the base of the pie is a mix between cake and pie. The crust is interesting since I was expecting more of a pie, but it was a combination of a pie and cake type crust. Has anyone ever tried funny cake before? It’s my dad’s birthday cake every year and it’s a combo of the two desserts. This Nantucket pie tasted exactly like it with cranberries on top. While I enjoyed this dessert, I wasn’t extremely blown away by it. I enjoyed it and It would be an easy dessert to heat up for thanksgiving, but I’ll be reaching for a slice of pumpkin pie instead. This pie is $6.49.

Have you tried it yet? What’s your favorite thanksgiving dessert?

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  1. I wasnt sure about this, but this is the 2nd year I’ve purchased. It’s delicious in small slices a few times a day: a breakfast pastry, and a dessert! Not too tart, not super sweet!


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