Trader Joe’s Mochi Cake Mix Reviews

Mochi Cake Mix: 9/10

I was very excited to try this mix since mochi is one of my favorite products and Trader Joe’s seem to do a great job with all their mochi variations. I really felt like I would either love this cake or really dislike it, and I’m so happy to report, it’s amazing and such a unique dessert! This mochi cake mix is a chewy (chewier than expected but really should have expected it since it is a mochi cake 😂), buttery treat that I thought was extremely delicious. It’s a nice amount of sweet, but not overly sweet. It tasted a little bit like pound cake and regular yellow cake but with an extremely chewy texture. I made this mix exactly like the box says to, but it would also be delicious with coconut milk subbed for the water or matcha mixed in. This mix would also be so delicious made into waffles, so I’ll have to pick up another box and try that out before it’s gone for the season! It’s $3.99 for this cake mix.

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favorite way to prepare this mix?