Trader Joe’s Mini French Baguettes Reviews

Mini French Baguettes: 8/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 I was excited to try these brand new mini French baguettes, because who doesn’t love bread? Especially in an adorable, mini, single serving size? My favorite part of bread is the fluffy interior and found that with the smallness of these baguettes, you didn’t get as much fluff inside to balance out the crunchy exterior. Still, the flavor of these baguettes tasted verrrry similar to a fresh loaf, but I could still tell these were frozen, not fresh, and that’s why they lost a couple of points. Slathering on some delicious melted butter brings the score right back up! ALSO, you must cook them for way longer than the package directs. The picture shown is them cooked for the 6 minutes as directed, and they have 0 color to them and still tasted doughy. I cooked them for 12 min the second time around and that was much better! Each package comes with 6 baguettes for $3.99.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?