Trader Joe’s Mini Cornbread Biscotti Reviews

Mini Cornbread Biscotti: 7.5/10

The cornbread biscotti is made up of corn meal and bits of corn giving it a bit of grit to resemble a traditional cornbread. I wanted to love it as much as the corn cookies that were released earlier this year, but for me it wasn’t quite on that level. It’s definitely drier than I would’ve liked, even drier than a traditional biscotti (because of the corn meal), but not as hard and tough to chew compared to other biscotti I’ve had. It’s also not overly sweet, and is amazing dunked in apple cider or maple lattes, but could also be paired with chili or tomato soup as it gets colder! Overall, I liked this product, but would choose the corn cookies over this. It’s $3.99 for the box.

Have you tried it yet? Do you have a favorite biscotti at Trader Joe’s?