Trader Joe’s Matcha Almond Beverage Reviews

Matcha Almond Beverage: 7/10

After trying and loving the blueberry lavender almond beverage, I was hoping the Matcha almond beverage would be just as delicious. Surprisingly, even though this beverage is green in color, I didn’t get much of a Matcha taste to it. It almost tasted identical to the blueberry lavender almond beverage in my opinion. It was surprisingly sweet and almost fruity and didn’t have that Matcha flavor that I love. However, it was still delicious mixed in with my espresso in the morning and I enjoyed making dirty matcha lattes with it. I just added some extra matcha powder to my drinks. I definitely think that this beverage could have a better and more intense Matcha flavor to it. I also would like it even more if it were creamier like an oat beverage is. Each quart is $2.29.

Have you tried this yet? Do you like the Matcha or Blueberry Lavender Beverage better?