Trader Joe’s Marcona Almonds with Rosemary Reviews

Marcona Almonds with Rosemary: 8/10

After trying the Truffle Marcona Almonds, you all highly recommended trying these almonds and I’m glad you did because I’m always looking for more great snacks while on Whole30. Marcona Almonds are some of my favorite almonds because of how smooth, sweet, and soft they are. I was very curious to see if I liked the truffle or rosemary better and I have to say it’s a tie! The flavor of these rosemary almonds was MUCH more subtle and I enjoyed how the flavor wasn’t overpowering. The truffle ones definitely have a strong truffle taste which I also enjoyed, they are just more in your face! I loved how this bag has real sprigs of rosemary mixed in with the almonds and were lightly salted. So delicious! I will definitely pick these up again and switch off between the truffle and rosemary. Each bag is $5.99.

Have you tried them yet? What’s your favorite nut from #traderjoes?

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