Trader Joe’s Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies Reviews

Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies: 8.5/10

🍋SEASONAL🍋 Trader Joe’s really has the baton wafer cookies down. From the chocolate, to the vanilla, to the lemon, they are all delicious! I love lemon flavored everything and these lemon baton wafer cookies lived up to my expectations. This lemon cookie is a nice, light, and crispy wafer with a delicious lemon flavored cream filling inside. Sometimes lemon products are either wayyy too lemony and sour or have the slightest hint of lemon. I feel like these batons hit the sweet spot with lemon flavor and the zesty lemon paired well with the sweet, creamy filling. They are great to eat on their own as a treat, paired with your favorite cup of tea, or in a bowl of ice cream. I will definitely be buying these all summer! Each container is $1.99.

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