Trader Joe’s Korean Roasted Barley Tea Reviews

Korean Roasted Barley Tea: 4/10

I really believe that #barleytea is an acquired taste and takes more tries to truly appreciate its unique flavor. This was the first time I tried it! While I didn’t find the flavor to be horrible, it wasn’t a tea I would buy again. Barley tea has a flavor that tastes like extremely watered down iced coffee. It also tastes EXACTLY like the inside of a brewery smells. If you’ve ever been to a big brewing factory (think Coors or Budweiser) they have water beds outside that they use to make the beer, and this tea reminded me SO much of that unique smell. I tried it both warmed and cold and preferred it cold. Each bottle is $1.19.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think??

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  1. Loveeee barley tea. But I also grew up with it. 😝 and you are dead on. I sometimes get a few coffee granules and melt it with boiling water. Then add ice and cold water. And drink my water that way… 🤪

  2. I just tried it and I love it!! Was surprisingly refreshing cold and I love how it’s natural. TJ did well with getting the taste down. Definitely buying more and I think people need to explore the Korean culture to appreciate it BEFORE setting expectations of how they think it should taste and review it harshly the wrong way…. NO milk or sugar should be added as some did as well. Honestly I was shocked how good it was for $1.19, it’s a steal! Approved 10/10 👏🏻

  3. Delicious. Its got great health benefits, no caffeine so you can have it in the evening, and lends a smokey rich flavour that pairs well with heavier dishes like roasted meats to cut some of the heavy fatty feeling 💖

  4. @traderjoesfoodreviews

    4/10 ? 🤔

    Let me start by stating that I personally think that the Barley Tea was perfectly balanced.

    However, I do take into consideration that this might be something that might differ from an authentic Korean restaurant/homemade traditional recipe , which I would have to try to be able to make an informed comparison.

    I did enjoy the subtle taste and absence of sugar and artificial sweeteners that are usually added to “healthy teas” here in the states. Probably what your used too, you poor thing you. Tear drop. 😢

    From reading the label, one could clearly – assume that it will be much different in taste and texture than a normal bottled
    “ leaf” tea that one might find here in the states.

    Being a cultured New Yorker,
    I make it a point to hold no pre- conceived expectations when trying new foods or drinks outside of my culture.

    I find it interesting 🤔 that some people’s reviews on here are overly critical and dramatic towards this Korean Barley tea for not meeting a certain personal expectation based on there preferred taste pallet?

    My question to you is:

    Why try something new or outside of your culture, only to compare it to “ a Coors or Budweiser Brewery Factory “ ? Or “watered down coffee” or water beds” ?

    What kind of review is that? Not very informative or intellectual in my opinion.

    Note: Everything outside of your normal “American” food or drinks is an acquired taste. Simply Because most American traditional foods in this country are just over saturated with salt, sugar or artificially processed ingredients.

    Cheers 🥂 to a lackluster review and please don’t quit your day job. This was probably one of the worst reviews of a stellar product I’ve ever had the confusion of reading.

    ✌🏼😎✌🏼I am an American & I personally Approved this message. 💜✨

  5. Definetely think you should try barley tea at korean restaurants! Its usually served cold or hot! And tastes way better than this!! It’s a lot more wheat like and nutty… while this one tasted very chemically /brewery like to me

  6. Barley tea is a staple in a lot of Korean households. It certainly was in my home, so I agree and not a fan of this barley tea (bori-cha). It did smell and taste like cheap flat beer.


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