Trader Joe’s Jelly Bean Hearts Reviews

Jelly Bean Hearts: 8/10

I cannot get enough of Valentine’s Day treats this time of year! Especially if they are pink, red, and heart shaped. I always buy a few bags of these adorable jelly beans to last me through February. The flavors (though not labeled on the bag) are strawberry, cranberry, black current, and coconut. Cranberry is my absolute favorite, while I could do without the coconut flavor. It tasted like buttered popcorn to me! Strawberry reminded me a lot of how the strawberry X’s and O’s tasted and black current was a little sour. These jelly beans overall are a little more on the chewy side and get stuck in your teeth a bit. Each bag is only $1 and the cutest little valentine goodie to give to kids or friends 💗❤️

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?