Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew Reviews.

Instant Cold Brew: 7/10

The directions for this cold brew call for 1 tsp of cold brew to 12 oz of water. This was wayyy too watery for me and I found that I needed to add at least 4-5 tsps of cold brew at which point I had no idea how much caffeine I was drinking haha. I was surprisingly shocked that this instant cold brew was better than I was expecting! In my opinion it was not as good as the #traderjoes cold brew concentrate because it tasted a little weak and not as bold and rich. I did like how smooth it was though and it paired well with some frothed oat milk. I will definitely keep this in my cabinet when I’m in need of a quick drink and I cannot wait to make whipped coffee out of this! Each container is $3.99.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?