Trader Joe’s Everything but the Gluten Crackers Reviews

Everything but the Gluten Crackers: 7.5/10

These crackers are made up of lots of different types of seeds, quinoa flour, corn flour, onion, and seasonings. I liked how crunchy they were and how they were packed with seeds which gave them an interesting texture. I can really taste the sesame as one of the main flavors with the garlic and onion being a little more subtle. Compared to the Everything but the Bagel crackers that Trader Joe’s also carries, I prefer the taste of those to these new ones. I appreciate that these crackers are so low in sugar and have relatively clean ingredients! I would purchase again for $2.99, but wouldn’t regularly crave these.

Have you tried these crackers yet? What do you think?

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  1. As a gluten free consumer, I actually really liked these. Love TJs, but one of their faults is only regularly carrying ONE gluten free cracker item, the Original Savory Thin, which I like as well, but it’s nice to have options that have more taste and texture (and that isn’t some weird beet or pumpkin flavor). Gluten eaters literally have dozens of tasty TJ cracker options to chose from, so I could understand how these seedy sticks aren’t a crowd favorite.


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