Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Potato Chips Reviews

Everything but the Bagel Potato Chips: 6.5/10

Wow! This is one polarizing product and I can see why people are so split on their opinions. I ate the whole entire bag trying to figure out exactly what these chips tasted like. So, to start, the fact that I ate the entire bag means I definitely didn’t hate these chips, but they wouldn’t be my top choice. The flavor of these chips tasted verrrrry similar to the OG EBTB seasoning, but was weirdly sweet (sugar is an ingredient in these chips, but not the seasoning jar). These tasted like buttery, oniony, garlicky, sugary potato chips. A little odd for a potato chip flavor profile, but I didn’t despise it. They are HEAVY on the onion and garlic, so if you do not enjoy those flavors, stay away. Each bag is $2.49.

What side are you on? Did you love these or hate them?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Potato Chips Reviews”

  1. I didn’t like them because I don’t eat everything but the bagel seasoning straight up by itself but maybe if I dipped it in avocado or egg salad it would have been better because that’s what I put the seasoning on but plain they were too much

  2. Ok I FINALLY tried them and they are a 0/10 for me. Legit spit half a chip out straight into the trash. They smell like dirt and to be honest taste like dirt too. Like musty potatoes in soil, or a potato bag you forgot about for 9 months. It was the most bizarre thing and honesty probably the worst thing I’ve ever had from TJs. I’m scratching my head at how these made it past taste testers. Maybe they had all just recovered from covid or something. 🤣 Honestly.


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