Trader Joe’s Dragonfruit Chips Reviews

Dragonfruit Chips: 6/10

I’m a big fan of most of #traderjoes dried fruit, so I was very excited to try these #dragonfruit chips! First off, these chips are absolutely beautiful and I know they will look great in cocktails I make in the future. They are definitely very crunchy and have the texture of an actual thick chip. There was an interesting taste about a half second after eating that I didn’t enjoy. It was almost a sesame taste that I wouldn’t expect to taste while eating Dragonfruit. I typically love eating fresh Dragonfruit and putting it in my smoothies, but drying these Dragonfruit Chips out made them not as sweet as the fresh fruit typically is. They were fun to try, and I didn’t despise them, but I won’t be buying again. The bag is $3.99.

Have you tried them yet? What do you think?

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  1. @traderjoesfoodreviews I just got them for cocktails/mocktails and I tried one first and sesame is a spot on description. It is GORGEOUS mixed with lemonade/limeade in a riff off Starbucks dragonfruit lemonade!


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