Trader Joe’s Cranberry Orange Bars Reviews

Cranberry Orange Bars: 8/10

🍊NEW ITEM🍊 These brand new cranberry orange bars remind me a lot of the lemon bars TJ’s already carries! This new treat is in the frozen section and is quite delicious. Cranberry can be quite tart, but I found the cranberry flavor in these bars to be more on the sweet side. The added orange peel was more of a secondary flavor compared to the cranberry, but still helped to balance out the flavor. I did find that the crust texture was better right out of the fridge, rather than sitting out for a little at our party because it got a little mushy. I liked the crust more on the firm side to give a little texture differentiation between the crust and the cranberry purée. These bars would be beautiful on a thanksgiving table! Each box is $4.99 and has 12 bars.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think? (I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s)

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  1. I actually like these better than the lemon bars! I’m a huge lemon bar fan, but theirs just fall flat for me. These are delicious though… I’ll need to stock up.


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