Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Brooklyn Babka Reviews

Cinnamon Brooklyn Babka: 9/10

🚨New item🚨 Since I was such a big fan of the chocolate babka, I was happy #traderjoes came out with another babka flavor! Usually I prefer chocolate over cinnamon, but I have to say this new #babka was incredibly delicious and I like both flavors just about equally. Babka is a sweet, fluffy, layered dessert with Jewish roots. It reminded me of Rugelach, but fluffier. This cinnamon babka has cinnamon filling and was topped with streusel. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes TJ’s bakery items can be hit or miss, so I’m glad the loaf that I picked up was not dry and incredibly soft and fluffy! Each loaf is $4.99.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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