Trader Joe’s Chinese Inspired Chicken Salad Reviews

Chinese Inspired Chicken Salad: 4/10

After making my way through lots of the pre-made wrap section, I needed to start to review the pre-made salad section and this was one of the first salads on my list! I have to say I was disappointed with this one. There really was not much to it – green cabbage, chicken, snow peas, crunchy noodle pieces, and a sesame soy dressing. The dressing was pretty good and flavorful but not as good as Chinese chicken salad dressing I’m used to. The salad as a whole definitely left me wanting more flavor. The chicken is what dropped this salad in score a whole lot. Chicken in prepared packaged meals is always hit or miss and this chicken was a miss. The rib meat made it too chewy and overall bland and didn’t taste fresh. I feel like I could make a homemade salad that I would enjoy much more than this but it is a very easy, quick meal that’s great for on the go meals. It’s $4.69 for this salad.

Have you tried it yet? What’s your favorite salad at TJs?