Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup Dumplings Reviews

Chicken Soup Dumplings: 9/10

I have been seeing these soup dumplings go viral on Tiktok, and knew I had to give them a try. They lived up to the hype! They were super easy to heat up in the microwave and the dumpling texture turned out perfectly soft and slightly chewy. Before even poking a hole in the dumplings, I could smell the soup filling inside. The filling is made of chicken, onions, green onions, and a super flavorful broth. I will say, the texture of the chicken filling could be slightly better. It’s a little spongy, but not nearly as spongy and chewy as the Pelmeni and Shu Mai filling. These are also more of a snack or a side dish than a meal because the whole box is a serving and is only 250 calories. Each box is $2.99.

Have you tried these yet? Did you like the chicken or pork ginger soup dumplings better?

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