Trader Joe’s Cheesecake Cones Reviews..

Cheesecake Cones: 6/10

Cheesecake IN a cone? I literally don’t know what would sound better than that! I was soo excited when these came out last year because I am obsessed with cheesecake. However, I would not call these cheesecake. The cheesecake filling does not taste like delicious, traditional cheesecake that is an amazing balance of sweet and slightly tart. The filling of these cheesecake cones tasted more like extremely sweet frosting/cool whip with no real depth of flavor like cheesecake usually has. The cone part is like a cannoli but is very sticky and sweet. It’s an almond Florentine cookie that tastes like sweet praline. With the extremely sweet filling and the sticky sweet cone, these #cheesecakecones were sugar bombs and not my first choice dessert. The box is $3.99 and has 4 cones inside.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

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  1. I lovvvvvvveee these! 1 cone is two servings for me. They are a super sweet delicious treat and I will buy them every time! If one has a sweet tooth, and/or likes Italian desserts, how could you not like these? So good!


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