Trader Joe’s Camembert Cheese and Cranberry Sauce Fillo Bites Reviews

Camembert Cheese and Cranberry Sauce Fillo Bites: 8/10

❄️Seasonal Item❄️ Merry Christmas Eve to you all! 🎄❤️✨ There is nothing better than lots of delicious appetizers during the holiday season. These Camembert Cheese and Cranberry sauce bites were so delicious and will definitely be making an appearance at our Christmas table this year. Each bite is filled with a thick slice of Camembert cheese and a dollop of cranberry sauce. Sometimes Camembert cheese can be a little stinky, but I found it to be mild in these bites and resembled Brie. The layers of flaky fillo dough offered a great contrast to the soft and gooey inside. Compared to the Brie en croute bites, I preferred the texture of the puff pasty around the Brie bites better than the flaky fillo dough. If you’re looking for a delicious appetizer this holiday season, pick up a box for $3.99.

Have you tried these yet? What’s your all time favorite Trader Joe’s appetizer?