Trader Joe’s Brazilian Style Cheese Bread Reviews

Brazilian Style Cheese Bread: 9/10

This Brazilian style cheese bread is slightly crisp on the outside and extremely fluffy on the inside. I’ve never had bread be so fluffy and chewy before! These cheese breads were identical to the appetizers served at my favorite Brazilian steakhouse. The Parmesan flavor is very predominant in these bites and gives them an incredible cheesy flavor. I cooked these for 6 minutes and they turned out wonderfully! They won’t turn brown in the oven unless you seriously overbake them, so even though they are the same color as when you put them in, they’re most likely done! They were slightly dry which is the only reason they didn’t score higher. Each box is $3.99 and these are gluten free.

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  1. These are actually terrible. There is no taste of cheese. In addition, Brazilian cheese bread is smooth not flaky like these. I shop at Trader Joe’s a lot and I love it but this product I will never buy again.


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