Trader Joe’sApple Cider Donuts Reviews

Apple Cider Donuts: 6/10

After trying all of Trader Joe’s donuts now (the chocolate, sour cream, and apple cider), I have to say that they all fall short for me. I am a donut LOVER, and am sad that TJ’s donuts just don’t do it for me. This Apple Cider Donut is very, very dry even though we picked a brand new box that was just delivered. I have found that all the donuts seem to be dry and a little flavorless. I really enjoyed the apple cinnamon sugar coating on this donut, but the donut itself had room for so much improvement. These may be better dunked in some warm apple cider. I also tried air frying to possibly improve the dryness and texture of these, but it didn’t help too much. At the end of the day though, it is a donut and I still finished the box, but wouldn’t get again. It’s $3.99 for a box of 6.

Have you tried them yet? What’s your favorite donut from Trader Joe’s? (I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s)