Trader Joe’s 5 Cheese Greek Spiral Reviews

5 Cheese Greek Spiral: 8/10

I love all things cheese and dough, but seeing this Greek spiral had blue cheese in it, I was a little worried it wouldn’t be my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised and loved it! The blue cheese was not overpowering, and I actually found the cheese filling as a whole to be very mild. The 5 cheeses inside are Gouda, blue cheese, kasseri (a medium-hard pale yellow cheese made from sheep milk), kefalotyri (a hard, salty white cheese), and semi hard cheese. The directions say you can cook this Phyllo dough wrapped cheese spiral in the cooking dish it comes in, or on parchment paper for a crispier bottom. I cooked it on parchment paper and it turned out fantastic. It was lightly golden on top and the cheese inside was super melty. I felt like I needed to add drizzled honey or fig jam on top to give this spiral a little more depth of flavor. It is $3.99.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

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  1. I have had this before and would say it is not authentic if you’re comparing it to a traditional Greek tiropita (cheese only, unlike spanakopita). However I do agree with you about the flavor and think with honey or fig jam it’s a good treat

  2. Just a tip: prior ti baking sprinkle bottom/top with olive oil & water (if you have seltzer even better)! And you eat pita alongside plain yogurt (which you can add water to to make drinkable) or with kefir.

  3. Ah this 🤩Reminds me of Home… You gotta bake it right to golden and crispy .. Then serve it with a salad made with; tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onion cottage cheese and sour cream… Or just Feta! Mmmmmm😋


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